Acne Therapy


No matter your age or skin type, acne, caused by clogged pores and bacteria, is never a welcome guest—nor are the scars and discoloration that acne can sometimes leave behind.  The good news is that, beyond the aisles of your local drugstore, there are a number of safe and effective treatments that can help treat acne and reduce the appearance of acne scars while simultaneously conferring a number of other skincare benefits at the same time.  

Acne treatments include

  • Topical medications

  • Photo-facial therapies

  • Chemical Peels

  • Microneedling

  • Waterfacial

  • Oral medication

  • Changing skin care regimen

Myths about Acne 
For decades there have been volumes written about the causes of acne.  However, thanks to scientific research, facts about blemishes have changed.  Here are some common misconceptions. 

  • Chocolate, pizza, peanuts and fried foods are no-no’s for everybody.  The new school of thought on food intake is that some people react to foods they eat; others do not. 

  • The sun (or a sunlamp) is good for acne.  Exposure to the sun may dry up pimples, but it hardly seems worth it when you weigh the cons:  Sun exposure (especially burns) can cause skin cancer and will lead to premature aging. 

  • Acne will go away by the time you hit age 30.  Unfortunately, many adults suffer from acne well into their 50’s and older. 

  • Poor grooming causes acne.  The presence of acne does not mean your face is dirty. 

  • Abrasive cleansers are good for acne.  Doctors find that harsh exfoliants usually aggravate acne.

Several factors play a role in why you get acne. Some of the reasons for acne, like genetics, cannot be controlled, but other reasons can! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nadel at Totality Medispa to find out which treatment for your acne and/or acne scars is right for you.  The worst thing to do with acne is wait!  The scars from acne are much easier to prevent than they are to treat.