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Pro-Nox Pain Relief

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At Totality Medispa, we provide Pro-Nox for Charleston, SC, patients. If you get anxious or nervous before cosmetic treatments, it’s time to learn more about what Pro-Nox can do for you.

Pro-Nox is a way for patients to feel in control of their own anxiety and comfort during aesthetic treatments. This analgesic gas system delivers a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen, and it is inhaled through a mouthpiece. Patients are awake and fully aware during treatments.

Along with being used in medispas around the world, the Pro-Nox system is used by ENTs, urologists, OB/GYNs, and more. It is a safe and trusted pain-control option.

Pro-Nox helps avoid the risks associated with general anesthesia, along with its after-effects, which can take some time to fade. It also lowers the likelihood of infection.

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Frequently ASked



How Does Pro-Nox Work?

Pro-Nox is a 50/50 mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is commonly used for dental procedures. Rather than being classified as an anesthetic, it is considered an analgesic.

Nitrous oxide affects receptors in the brain that are connected to the body’s pain response. It also impedes the neurotransmitters related to the anxiety response. As a result of these chemical actions, patients can relax during treatments.

Which Treatments Can Pro-Nox Be Used With?

Pro-Nox can be used with almost any medispa treatment. From needle-based treatments like dermal fillers and microneedling to chemical peels and CO2RE laser skin resurfacing, Pro-Nox is a great way to reduce stress and discomfort.

Is Pro-Nox Right for Me?

Most patients are eligible for Pro-Nox. If you experience anxiety at the sight of needles, this is an ideal option. If you are allergic to general anesthesia, Pro-Nox can be used as part of an alternative anesthetic plan.

If you are pregnant, Pro-Nox will not be a viable option for you, and we will need to discuss alternative anesthetic/analgesic options.

Using Pro-Nox for a Treatment Session

Pro-Nox can be used right before a treatment or during a treatment. The patient will place the Pro-Nox mouthpiece into their mouth. The patient can use the mouthpiece to breathe in the Pro-Nox whenever they’re feeling discomfort or anxiety.

Once a patient breathes in the Pro-Nox, it works immediately, providing instant relief. The patient continues to be awake, allowing them to be in full control of the Pro-Nox. Its effects last five to ten minutes, so when another dose is needed, it can be easily administered.

Pro-Nox’s degree of pain relief is not equivalent to that of local anesthesia. In cases where a local anesthetic like lidocaine is required, Pro-Nox can still be included to provide personalized control of anxiety and discomfort.

After a Treatment Session

Once the patient’s treatment session is over, the effects of Pro-Nox fade very quickly, usually within minutes. This ensures that patients are completely safe to drive afterwards without any after-effects.

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Contact Us to Learn More

To find out more about the benefits of Pro-Nox, Charleston, SC, patients can contact Totality Medispa. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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