Pregnancy Massage Charleston SC

prenatal pregnancy massage

A South Carolina pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is a great choice for prenatal care. It is similar to regular massage but is customized to the needs of pregnant women. Prenatal massage therapists in Charleston, SC, such as the ones at Totality Medispa, have been trained to perform this massage. Learn about pregnancy massages here.

Massage therapists in Charleston, SC know which part of a pregnant woman’s body needs to be massaged. They also know which techniques they should use and which areas of the body to avoid to ensure the safety of both the mother and her baby.

Prenatal massage usually last for an hour. The massage therapists in Charleston, SC may use a prenatal massage table that is designed to accommodate a woman’s belly. Other therapists in Charleston, SC also use specially designed pillows that are called bolsters. These can help a pregnant woman lie comfortably on her side during the South Carolina pregnancy massage.

Benefits of Prenatal Pregnancy Massage

A South Carolina pregnancy massage or prenatal massage offers plenty of benefits to the mother. Here are some of these benefits:

  • Prenatal Massage Can Promote Hormone Regulation

Several studies show that prenatal massages can alter the hormones associated with relaxation and stress. Hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol that are associated with stress are reduced while serotonin and dopamine are increased. Having low levels of serotonin and dopamine can lead to depression.

These changes in hormone levels can lessen the complications associated with childbirth and newborn babies. This is one of the reasons why women get a prenatal massage in Charleston, SC.

  • Prenatal Massage Can Relieve Backache

One of the common problems of pregnant women in Charleston, SC is backache. As their baby grows, their posture also changes, causing pain in their lower and upper back. A South Carolina pregnancy massage can help relieve backache as it loosens tight muscles. It also helps ease tension in the back.

  • Prenatal Massage Can Help Reduce Swelling

The swelling of the joints during pregnancy can be caused by decreased circulation and increased pressure in blood vessels. A prenatal massage aids in stimulating soft tissue that reduces the collection of fluids in swollen joints. It also helps remove tissue waste carried by the lymph system.

  • Prenatal Massage May Help Avoid Stretch Marks

Your skin will stretch as your bump grows. This causes you to have stretch marks. A South Carolina pregnancy massage with a good nourishing oil can help soothe and moisturize your skin. As a result, you may avoid having stretch marks. Note, however, that the oil used for your prenatal massage is uniquely blended and safe for your pregnancy.

  • Prenatal Massage May Help Reduce Nerve Pain

Many women in Charleston, SC who have tried prenatal massages have experienced relief from sciatic nerve pain during their pregnancy. Sciatic nerve pain happens when the uterus rests on the muscles of your lower back and pelvic floor. This causes swelling of the upper and lower leg and creates pressure on nearby nerves.

  • Prenatal Massage May Help Improve Blood Circulation

An increase in blood circulation can help provide more oxygen and nutrients to the mother and her baby. As a result, the mother will have increased immunity. The increase in blood circulation also helps remove the toxins in the mother’s body. This is why you should get a South Carolina pregnancy massage.

  • Prenatal Massage Can Help Treat Headaches and Migraines

Some women in Charleston, SC may suffer from migraines and headaches during their pregnancy. These are caused by stress or tension on the shoulder, neck, and head. Migraines and headaches may be treated by a prenatal massage by massaging the head, neck, and shoulder region.

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