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Medical spas are a hybrid of medical clinic and day spas. The expertise of a physician and the relaxing atmosphere of a day spa are brought together to bring more effective results.

Medical spas focus on natural skincare treatments and anti-aging regimens. Med spas aim to reach, as close as possible, surgical results without undergoing an operation. Learn about med spas here.

Benefits Provided by Medical Spas Charleston SC

Medical spas have gained popularity because of its positive and painless results. Some people prefer visiting medical spas than clinics because of the following reasons:

Heal in Comfort

Instead of visiting a doctor in a cramped medical clinic, why not receive your treatments while indulging in the tranquil atmosphere of a med spa? Med spas allow your body to relax and be more comfortable while receiving your med spa therapy.

Advanced Technologies

Charleston's medical spas use state-of-the-art med spa equipment to achieve better and long-lasting results. Some medical spas even use laser and infrared technologies to help Charleston medical spa's staff determine your body’s condition and tailor a med spa treatment for you.


Variety of Med Spa Treatments

Medical spas offer a wide range of med spa treatments for different skin types and conditions. Some med spa services are even planned and tailored to ensure that all your needs will be addressed, including any underlying health issues. In summary, medical spas increase both your health and skin quality.

No Downtime

With the use of modern med spa technologies, Charleston medical spa treatments require less time to complete. Also, medical spas allow the body to have aesthetic therapy without the use of a knife or operations. Non-surgical procedures like this create less damage to the body and decrease the “healing” period. 

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Med Spa in Charleston, SC

Ensuring the health of your skin is important to boost your well-being. Your skin is exposed to different types of dirt and pollution, and these elements may cause diseases such as skin cancer, acne, and others.

However, various skincare products and med spa treatments are already being offered on the market. To make sure that your skin is safe, you should not trust just any brands or med spas. There are factors you have to consider when choosing the right med spa in Charleston, SC, such as:


When looking for the right med spas in Charleston, SC, you should always consider the expertise and knowledge of the med spa staff. The med spa treatments should be overseen by a certified medical professional.

In Totality Medispa, we always ensure the quality of our med spa services and the safety of our clients. So, we make sure that a licensed professional is present during any med spa treatment.

We also ensure that our med spa staff is highly knowledgeable in different med spa techniques. In fact, our med spa team is comprised of a licensed physician, aestheticians, and massage therapists.

Quality of Med Spa Technologies

A good med spa should be equipped with modern med spa technologies. The use of advanced med spa technologies allow deeper cleansing with less skin damage. In Totality Medispa, we use state-of-the-art med spa technologies like laser technology, micro-needling, and coolsculpting for our med spa treatments. 

Variety of Med Spa Treatments

Charleston's medical spas should have various med spa treatments for different skin conditions. Our med spa staff will cater to your needs through our med spa offers of tailored skin care treatments and a wide-range of med spa services from facials, botox, hair removal, and even microblading.

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